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I love horses and reading, especially dystopian books. I event my horse, Dollar. I do not like all-romance books, nor do I like werewolf/vampire books.

Reading progress update: I've read 101 out of 122 pages.

Hamlet - William Shakespeare

I've been reading this in my 9th grade Brit Lit class at school. It is okay, not one of my favorite Shakespeares, but it is okay. I can't understand Shakespearean, but my teacher explains it to us in modern terms (thank the gods!) Out of the four (impressive right? lol) that I have read, I'd have to say Macbeth was my favorite and Romeo and Juliet, which I read last year (in 8th grade), was my least favorite. I'm not a romance-novel person. But I liked Polonius's comic releif, until he got stabbed by Hamlet while behind the wall carpet. And Laertes's reaction to poor Ophelia's death (the sexual tension between her and Hamlet was real) was all like, "Oh, she drowned? Ah, oh well! Poor sis!" But he was all like, "Yeah, angry mob and I are gonna go raid the castle for my dad's body. Let's do this!" I'm not sure if I have a favorite character; I kinda liked Ophelia and Polonius.